Dear editor:

 My child, Andrew Freiji, is proudly attending Georgia Connections Academy; aa public, free “virtual” charter school.

Georgia Connections Academy has been a life transforming solution for our family!

We chose GACA because it offers a revolutionary high school academic program that rivals that of any other public or private high school in the U.S.

Georgia Connections Academy maintains an exceptionally well designed and organized virtual system of learning and instruction which can free students from all the negatives of the conventional classroom; from distractions and unnecessary influence, peer pressure, and bullying.

 All students are given the same opportunity to fully engage in the learning process regardless of their background.

That is why our son Andrew emerged from a low achieving to a high achieving student in only one semester.

We are all thriving under this new arrangement.

Assistance is made readily available and a variety of field trips are frequently scheduled year round, connecting students, families and teachers.

This Thanksgiving season, I’m writing to say I’m so thankful. Thank you to all those parents, educators, students and community leaders who spoke up and said: this school was needed for students, throughout the state, who are academically gifted, need extra assistance, want or need a flexible schedule, or seek a better alternative to the conventional classroom.

Thank you, Georgia Connections Academy.


Decatur, Ga.

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