I honestly believe that God puts us in places just at the right time to be there for others who are hurting.This weekend was such a time for me.

On Sunday afternoon, my Best Friend Lillian, and her daughter, Leslie, made a very difficult decision to send their beloved Joey to Doggie Heaven. Joey was an Alaskan Husky that had been with them since puphood and was now 15 and had health issues.

Dr. Marty came to the house and he, Lillian, and Leslie sat in the living room floor and held and caressed him until he quietly slipped from this life into peaceful eternal sleep. It took 10 seconds. 10 seconds for his pain to be gone and Lillian’s and Leslie’s to begin.

Lillian took it very hard. She cried so hard that she could barely catch her breath. She went upstairs and Leslie to the dining room as neither wanted to see Dr. Marty take Joey from his home for one last time. Joey will return to Lillian and Leslie, only this time he will be in a beautiful little wooden box to take his place amongst the others that went before him, Isabella and Andrew.

The Peretti animals live to be a ripe old age because of the love and care that they are given. They along with many others that are placed in their care for a day, a weekend, or a week are treated like royalty. The rules go out the window for the animals when they are with Lillian and Leslie.

No cages are needed. They find themselves wrapped in love in the bed with one of them to sleep peacefully for the night. It doesn’t matter if it is a dog, cat, cow, chicken, duck, or any other species Lillian will always say to them, “Come to Grandma.” Every dog she sees alone on the road or in a parking lot she says a prayer for along with trying to catch them to help them find their home.

I have never seen two people love their four legged children the way this Mother-Daughter duo do, but then, they love each other just as fiercely as does Lillian her sons and Granddaughter as well. I have been honored to call Lillian and Leslie Peretti my friends and family for a very long time, for Lillian and myself, it will soon be thirty-three years. God has truly blessed me allowing me to be apart of Joey’s Homegoing and Lillian’s life, and I will give him praise for it everyday.

Kim Hathcock Barber


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