Abortion in my opinion should be obsolete and antiquated. Seems to me in 1972 birth control pills were available to women. Do the math: How may years ago was that?

Abortion should be just as antiquated and obsolete as 4-5 million pets getting killed in this nation as how long has the procedure of spaying and neutering your pet been available? Certainly since 1972. As matter of fact they have birth control that men can use, and every time I’m on I-75 I see this great billboard: 1-866-vastime. It is hard to believe that these things have existed for such a long time in this nation yet so many people have never heard of this concepts.

Now I have heard from so many people that people are ignorant. ... Excuse me, between smart phones, computers, the internet no one is ever going to convince me that people in this nation are that ignorant. I simply do not buy that. It is for some very other reason that people know these things are available yet they choose not to use birth control or spay or neuter their pet.

From a woman’s perspective, if I cannot feed myself or keep a roof over my head I have absolutely no right at all thinking that everyone else should be taking care of my children, which ultimately is my responsibility — just as my pet is my responsibility. When you somehow are under the impression that tax dollars should be caring for your children something is very wrong. Each birth costs the taxpayer approximately $16,000, not to mention prenatal WIC.

Now I’m not letting the men off the hook on this. We have had to start calling them “dead beat dads” due to the fact so many men do not want to care for their own children in this nation and very often use these women as what has been referred to as cash cows to earn an income to take care of them so they do not have to work at all. If someone can make more money living off the welfare system what incentive would it give them to actually get up and go to work? No incentive at all. Either benefits have to be cut or salaries have to be more than welfare benefits.

What is happening instead, they are going after Social Security and Medicare — something which seniors have contributed to their entire life — so instead of Social Security reform or Medicare reform in actuality we need welfare reform. No one should be able to draw from any governmental system they have not contributed into. Believe it or not most disability checks for young adults associated to criminal behavior is more than most working people’s Social Security benefits, and that needs to be reformed. This attack on the 73 million baby boomers that paid their way through life has got to end.

No one should be getting any check unless they are doing something. When is the last time you got paid at your job for doing nothing? Wake up, America.

Helene Gomulka


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