Say what you want. I applaud Rush Propst. The Colquitt County I have seen in the last 11 years he was there had a different type of energy! Parents caring about their kids, 1st generation college students/graduates, some 1st generation high school students/graduates.

 I turn on my T.V. all the way in Texas! I see and hear South Georgia on Saturday and Sundays ... see someone like Propst shifts your economics. He was so good at his gift that other schools had to step up their game if they want to compete! You had NFL scouts, college recruiters setting up shop down there!

His entire administration from Hoover is over the Tennessee Volunteers Football program. This all happened in those 11 years, all while fighting cancer! Yeah he did that!

All I am saying he provided everyone in CC a new direction, gave them a new purpose. He bridged a gap and certain divide, that changed your landscape! He created a new history! Even if it was just during football season. He paved the way for other sports to flourish... He got people down there motivated about the youth!

So it is not about what he did for the black community, white community, Spanish community — its what he did for YOUR COMMUNITY .... generation of kids and their parents that may have taken a totally different direction, had he not brought his talents to the 229!

This man has changed the landscape of South Georgia high school football. Don’t get me wrong we  were always good down there ... but he took it to a whole new level!

My nieces, nephews, cousins, brothers, sisters, friends and families took steps forward in generational success and some a different type of wealth as a result of it! This man saved lives, families. He pumped new life down there. What you all should be doing as a community is getting involved with who his replacement should be and how they can move the stage forward!

I am nowhere near perfect and Lord knows I have made my share of mistakes and I am okay with being open about it! But anyone that knows me, knows my drive, ambition, trials and tribulations. But to see some of these kids make it out and to see what it has done for their families!

I have to say thank you Rush Propst!

Colquitt County, let’s keep that direction, guidance, motivation, purpose and energy going. The next generation of children’s future is on the line and needs your leadership now!


Damian Robinson

Houston, Texas

Formerly of Norman Park

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