I would like to thank the members of our community and surrounding areas for supporting Crossroads Gospel Mission. Lives are being changed!

However, many people believe that our residents must come from the jail or a treatment facility. THIS IS NOT CORRECT. ... We welcome those men who realize that their current living conditions are affecting their lives and they want a safe place to begin the healing and restoration process.

Many still believe that we do not accept felons at the Mission House. THIS IS NOT CORRECT. ... Each felony charge is reviewed and the individual person is evaluated on their own merits as we listen to their life stories.

Many still believe that our residents only eat and sleep at the Mission House. THIS IS NOT CORRECT. ... We are not a homeless shelter but a transitional housing facility. We have programs in place and men to walk with our residents through their restoration process. Our residents are employed and participate in the regular evening activities offered throughout Moultrie to assist them in this healing process. We hold each man accountable by filling out a weekly activity form.

Many still believe that their monthly gift doesn’t really matter. THIS IS NOT CORRECT. ... We need each person, each church and civic organization doing their part if we desire to make a significant difference in our community and in the lives of our residents.

The good news. You can help! We all can help.

Listen to the stories told by some of our recent residents at the Mission House.


When I came to Crossroads Gospel Mission, I was in search of some sort of rehabilitation for my alcoholism. What I found was that and more ... rehabilitation for my life and my soul through a Christ based foundation that is shaping me foi the bettei. Not only am I growing as a person, I am growing as a Christian. For me that is exactly what I’ve really been searching for all along. I am grateful for all the support offered, not only through Crossroads, but from the support system given by the community as well.



Coming to Crossroads has been a true blessing to me. The people here are so amazing. I have been lost in my addiction to alcohol for so long that I thought there was no hope for me. But Crossroads offers me the encouragement and hope that I truly need to overcome my addiction and develop a ielationship with Jesus. I know without him I would not be able to make it. By believing in him and trusting in him, I know he will make all things right. I believe now that if you just start walking, you’ll see a miracle at the end.



What Crossroads means to me? It’s simple, I was delivered here by God. Crossroads is a safe place, a place of encouragement for all that come here to the Mission. We are surrounded by strong Christian influences. Men that know God and are guided by Him. These men have a very positive attitude and a strong willingness to help by strengthening me and others living here at the mission. I am personally going through a refreshing of God and I am full of Joy! I am thankful for a place like Crossroads. Thankful for a place of rest to experience peace and strength from our Lord. Crossroads is a place where we can experience healing in all areas of our life. I can only say thank you for being here for me. May God Bless us all.


Please partner with us by calling our office at 985-7194 and ask for Caleb Davis, our director. Your gift makes it possible to share God’s love in practical ways. Please join us as we offer Christ to our residents and offer them ourselves.

We are instruments of His Grace.

Randy Benner, President

Crossroads Gospel Mission

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