This is about Gun Control. The second amendment was written by our forefathers to protect the citizens of this new nation against a government from taking control of this nation. They didn’t foresee the criminal problems or corruption of law enforcement, crooked politicians, or organized crime. Gun control is like a lock on a door, it’s only to keep honest people honest.

In almost any town all it takes to buy a gun is money, there are no background checks, no waiting periods, or anything else just money. The amount is according to what you want, pistol, shot gun, automatic rifle, or so-called assault weapon. Some of you will tell you say you can’t own a fully automatic weapon. I had a neighbor that owned an AK 47 rifle fully automatic. I didn’t have to see it — once you have heard one there is no other rifle that has that sound, and yes one can be purchased off the streets. There is no control of criminal guns.

Another problem is “gun free” facilities, this is an invitation for mass shooting. The shooter knows that no one is armed, so they have no fear of the victims shooting back. These are schools, churches, some eating establishments, and some stores. Even when schools have armed guards this is not a deterrent, as we saw in the Florida school shooting where the guard hid when the shooting started.

I don’t believe that taking legally owned guns away from people is the answer. Neither do I think Red Flagging certain people is the answer. Two week waiting periods is good; it gives a person time to cool off and allows a more depth background check.

As long as we retain our guns, we are citizens. They take our guns, we become slaves of the criminals and our own government.

Gerald Psalmond

Moultrie, Ga.

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