On Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020, Donald Trump was acquitted on impeachment charges. The reason why he was acquitted was because we didn’t have enough Democratic senators in the Senate. That comes from people not voting.

Whatever Donald Trump does, people that don’t vote, they deserve what happens to them. 

The way it is going, he is going back in for four more years because sorry Democrats won’t vote. You don’t vote, you don’t have a voice. If your sorry behind would have voted, Trump would have been found guilty of impeachment, but instead he got by.

What do you expect with a Republican judge presiding?

Y’all need to go to the polls and vote in a Democratic president. If Donald Trump goes back in for four more years, we are gonna catch pure hell.

My people, are we tired of being on the bottom and giving in to the Republicans? It’s time for us Democrats to take a stand!

All the people in the projects of the Housing Authority that can vote need to register so they can vote, and your vote counts. The same goes for Paradise Apartments, Forest Creek Apartments and Shy Manor Apartments. Please. Let’s show the Republicans we can take the presidency back and the Senate back.

Please, please, please, vote all Democrat.

Tommy Hewitt


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