I don’t understand why civil rights are being violated in the city of Moultrie.

According to the video, the city of Moultrie has an ordinance against the blank word.

Really? Then everyone walking up and down my street needs to be arrested. Everyone in Walmart needs to be arrested as I hear the blank word all over town.

Other interesting thing: Some guy stands out by Walgreen’s and Hardee’s with a sign that says “Jesus saves” or “God is the solution” or whatever, and he doesn’t seem to need a city permit.

I have heard a lot of the blank word from the outpatient men from the Turning Point walking up and down the street or from the apartments they live in. I think as long as the city of Moultrie likes what your sign says you don’t need a permit, but if they don’t like what your sign says you do. Isn’t that discrimination in addition to violating the First Amendment —freedom of speech, right to peacefully assemble — not to mention your human rights, like freedom of thought or freedom of expression.

Think the City of Moultrie is walking a thin line here and insofar as the protester displaying disorderly conduct: I think they need to hang out downtown by the bars if they want to see disorderly conduct happening.

I would like to see the City Ordinance published about the blank word issue so they can put the whole town of Moultrie under arrest for using the blank word.

Grow up. Where have you been living, under a rock?????

Now is the time to put a stop to violating civil rights, human rights, constitutional rights. It’s very disturbing indeed.

Helene Gomulka


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