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Georgia’s 14th Congressional District sits in the northwest corner of the state where approximately 75% of voters recently elected first-time Republican candidate Marjorie Greene as their congressional representative. It’s hard to imagine they did not know her beliefs embrace almost every bizarre political idea in circulation. Her rhetoric has suggested that the 9-11 attacks were a hoax, that the last election was a hoax, that Covid-19 is a hoax, that politicians disagreeable to her should be executed, that a Washington, D. C. pizza shop was home to a Democrat-run pedophile/child sacrifice ring of Satan worshipers, and that California forest fires might be started by beams from outer space. Her method in Congress has been to be as obnoxious and as obstreperous as possible, a termagant outstripping even Shakespeare’s examples. One wonders how could such a person could be put in power by a thoughtful electorate.

Is it that those people in Georgia’s northland are different from us further south? Colquitt County sits in Georgia’s 8th congressional district which stretches up the middle of the state starting at the Florida line and proceeding up to Macon where it takes a short turn to the west. Our congressional representative, Austin Scott, is also a Republican, but one who seems to operate without the baggage of mean-spiritedness and vile fantasy displayed by Ms. Greene. Does the sharp difference in the two simply mirror a difference in their voters?

Probably not. The Fourteenth is larger, whiter, and richer, but somewhat less educated than the Eighth. Those characteristics might attach to political conservatism, but not to crazy. Ms. Greene and those of her stripe pride themselves for being stormers of forts including the fort of democracy when that democracy has not agreed with them. They have allowed so many strange notions to take root in their minds that even outrageous lies soon becomes believable. They mainline fantasies like a junkie does drugs and they reject the calmer world that tells them it ain’t true, son. It ain’t true. 

Rather, they gather in the dark hallways of the internet and in their self-confirming rallies where they mutter nonsense and sedition. They stand for the reversal of everything that is reasonable, logical, or even understandable. Being opposed to reason they are also opposed to the Constitution, which was built through reason and has kept us largely free for more than two centuries. 

So, I don’t know how Ms. Greene got elected to Congress. Perhaps it was the happenstance of coattails. The Fourteenth District is reported to be one of the most Republican in the state. Perhaps voters there became so comfortable in their Republicanism that they became unquestioning in it. That would be a dangerous thing because voices of nonsense and sedition, left unopposed, become a danger to a free society.

How can this wing-nut invitation to chaos be resisted? Through generous applications of truth to lie, light to darkness, and courage to fear. Citizens and politicians alike, stand in the gate. We have but one country. 

Terry Turner


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