It has been a difficult five months and while I am no prognosticator, my gut tells me we are coming to the end of this particular nightmare. A new nightmare may present itself in the future, but that is for God alone to know and not for me to guess. In my small mind, life is for the living. I constantly remind my students to “Carpe Diem” (seize the day), for we know not how many days we have. 

Therefore, we are proceeding with life.

To that end, the A Cappella Choir in conjunction with the Albany Chorale will be presenting Handel’s Messiah November 14th at Withers Auditorium at 7:00 PM with orchestra. If you are like me, I am in desperate need of reminding that God is in control. Handel’s Messiah is just such a reminder and a vindication of life itself. 

I invite any musician in the sound of my voice (or in sight of my words) to join me, bring your Messiah score and let's make music together. September 17th and every Thursday after that up until November 14th.

Yes. Social distancing will be asked. By all means wear a mask. We will rehearse in the Sanctuary of FUMC. Properly socially distanced, the First United Methodist church can hold 100 people. 

Yes, I am aware choirs have received a bad reputation as being “super spreaders of COVID-19.” I can promise you 100 singers in a sanctuary will spread no more COVID than 7,000 fans in Mack Tharpe Stadium. 

I am a man that wants the world to make music. I believe we need music in this unprecedented time. This is a choice. Choose to come sing. Wear your masks, keep 6-10 feet apart, but come sing.

Travis D Kern

Moultrie, Ga.

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