Tonight while watching an interview with Mr. Robert Osborne ex-host of TCM, Mr. Osborne gave account of the 102-year-old movie co-star of “Gone with The Wind” (1938), Olivia de Havilland, whom I had met in 1957, while stationed at Camp de Baumholder, in the Eifel Mountain Ranges. Once seated at my table at breakfast, she explained: I am a resident of Paris, France, I visit military bases to keep my U.S. citizenship status. She said she was a movie actress and co-star in “Gone with the Wind.” I recall saying, “Your movie was shown in my state of Georgia in 1938.” She asked if I had seen the movie; I admitted that I had not seen the movie — but I now look forward in doing so.

I feel this rememberance has merit in our current social times. I will explain.

Ms. De Havilland born 7/1/16, at 102 last July, is taking a feud with a network to the Supreme Court, suing for reckless disregard for the truth. Since she is alive the network could have gotten the truth easily — but they decided to print their own version of the truth. De Havilland’s petition is also likely to attract briefs from others in entertainment, media and tech. This “Act” just might be her biggest one yet.

Mr. Osborne continued with another memory of a famous dancer and actress whom he had interviewed and known socially, “Johnnie Lucille Ann Collier” known professionally as “Ann Miller.”

In 1954 Ms. Miller’s mother and stepfather purchased a farm on the upper Meigs Road where the old Victorian house still remains near Kendallwood Church Road. I met Ms. Miller on two occasions — my friend lived across the road from their house — so we proceeded across the road and said “hello.” At 5’ 7” she was mostly legs. Her mother worked for Moultrie Livestock for a period of time.

Mr. Osborne, thanks for nudging these special memories.

Tom Rogers


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