Debate is an important part of our representative government. Refusal to debate in favor of filibuster demonstrates the lack of respect for the American people.

Today the lack of respect was all too obvious as the 12 member Democrat senators, scheduled for the purpose of nominating Judge Barrett to the Supreme Court, did not show — instead placing placards at their appointed seats.

Hatred has taken over the entire Democrat Party, locally and in our federal government. Chairman Lindsay Graham saw fit to expand on their disrespectful method of hate, pointing to past history of remarkable votes for Supreme Court justices by 97 votes (Aye) out of the 100 senators convened for the purpose.

If President Trump succeeds in being re-elected the Democrat Party will be forced to abandon hate and return to some form of recognizable civility. or the party of the Democrats may not survive. 

Tom Rogers

Moultrie, Ga.

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