With the election coming up in a few days, I would like to appeal to my friends. 

There is a great divide in our country today. There are those who want to undermine what has made our country great, such as family, hard work and the Christian faith. I understand that when communists and socialists seek to take control of a country, they attack the very things that made the country strong to begin with. They desire to bring it down to the dust so they can re-build on the ashes with their ideas. 

They formerly did this through books, the theatre and poetry. Today, they have used our educational system, media, movies and TV. They try to appeal to the young and promote division by every possible means. In our country they have made great infiltration, evidenced in the last presidential election by Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote. 

I've been told that only 25% of Christians voted in the last election. I hope there will be many more in this election.

While some may not like the president's personality and we know he is not perfect, I believe God has placed him in the Oval Office for such a time as this. 

This election may determine whether our country will fall or turn back to what made our country great. Please make every effort to vote in this election.

Michael Morton

Moultrie, Ga.

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