The superintendent of the Colquitt County School System has fired Rush Propst with no proof of wrong-doing. The board didn’t give Coach Propst a chance to defend himself. The board let the superintendent tell them what to do, and they are suppose to be the superintendent’s boss.

The superintendent doesn’t like or care for Rush Propst.

We have a weak board.

Now they’re talking about bringing in Coach Knotts to Moultrie. He won’t last 1 year here. Not a private school coach. 7A football is a lot tougher in South Georgia.

Bring Rush Propst. If you don’t the football team will walk out for the 2019 season, and that will hurt Colquitt Co. because football is the money maker in Colquitt County.

Hire Darius Dawson as the next head Colquitt Co. football coach. He will make a good choice.

Tommy Hewitt


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