Occasionally, someone will pose that this editorial page is “liberal” in content. And we do offer a rebuttal to that assessment so that facts don’t get run over by “they says.”

The policy of this newspapers is to present a broad array of opinions. Some are liberal, some are conservative. Some are somewhere in between. Some may defy all classifications and some will be perceived from the vantage point of whose ox is in the ditch.

If you read this page regularly, then you are aware that our columnists run the gamut. Pat Buchanan is conservative. Dick Morris is conservative. Cal Thomas is conservative.

In contrast, Fromma Harrop, Connie Shultz and Leonard Pitts are perceived as liberal.

There are a few times when Buchanan will take a position that is opposed to what the Republican Party typically promotes as the “right way.”

Also Shultz and Pitts may pontificate on subjects that are outside of the conventional political genre and their scribblings are not defined by either adjective.

Our Rants and Raves column also runs the gamut from liberal to conservative. And our letters to the editor span the spectrum as well.

Some people say they disagree with a particular columnist but they read him/her just to see what they’re thinking. In other words, they are not afraid to hear another opinion.

 Glory be, what a concept! If you read someone else’s opinion to see that he’s thinking, then chances are ... you are thinking as well. That’s a healthy exercise.

The Observer not only invites, but encourages a wide array of opinions from the public. We allow wide parameters in our letters to the editor policy. And it’s okay to chastise this newspaper and this editor if you feel the urge.

All we ask is that you look for  yourself. Don’t be a victim of “they say.” Today we have Buchanan, the conservative, and Jim Hightower, the liberal in a cowboy hat.

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