It’s was great news to many to learn this past week that mental health services are being restored to Moultrie and Colquitt County.

Needless to say, our community took a blow when our mental health center shut down in a budget crunch some two years ago.

Many patients had no way to get to out-of-town sites in the first place and high gas prices were a severe obstacle to those who tried to make those trips.

The transition back to our community doesn’t have a specific date yet, but we are told it is just a matter of weeks. Even then, because of new partnerships in regard to services to be provided some rough edges must be ironed out in the process.

The word from the Mental Health Committee of the Archway Project, which helped engineer this recovery, is to please be patient. The concept is in order but there will be a few details that must be adjusted as is the case in most projects of this magnitude.

In the meantime, let’s applaud Turning Point, Colquitt Regional Medical Center and Georgia Pines for coming up with a solution to our problem. And certainly let’s tip our hats to the Mental Health Committee for its quick reaction to this issue.

This committee is formed by a broad cross section of individuals and agencies that are committed to the well being of our community. They embraced the goal of restoring mental health services with tremendous energy and resolve.

Perhaps for too long, too many people have viewed mental health issues in the vein of “just get over it” as opposed to understanding and discussing a real medical problem. But we are growing toward a much better perception.

Probably few of us are not connected in some way to someone who suffers from some form of mental illness.

Again, please be patient as the details of this project are fine tuned.


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