Dear editor:

Mr Jones, I personally could care less what color the football uniforms are, but you stated in your letter to the editor that people from Jacksonville have no morals, values, integrity, honor, dignity, and do things the wrong way.

I have lived in Colquitt County my whole life, and Richard Alderman is my father, who too has lived his whole life in Colquitt County up until over a year ago due to the fact that he was laid off from work like so many others in our community have been.

Richard Alderman is a man with morals and values, and has worked and raised three kids, two sons who have played for the Colquitt County Packers under Coach Hughes. He has also been a Booster since 1989 and continues to purchase season tickets to the games every year and travels from Jacksonville to watch the Packers play.

So Mr Jones, what does concern me is that you say that people from these neck of the woods do things the right way?

Explain to me how attacking a man's moral and values, whom you don't even know, over the color of football jerseys is the right thing to do?

My dad attended high school in Colquitt County and knows the history and the traditions of the football team, but those things have nothing to do with a person’s morals and values. By all means voice our opinion on how you feel, which is all my dad did. But he did it in a way that didn't attack anyone's character.

Last but not least, like it or not, but former players and past coaches have no say in the changes that are made in the present. For you to say that the change would be okay if Coach Hughes and former players approve it, is ludicrous to me. Traditions are good, but that doesn't mean that change is bad.

Karla Alderman Farmer

Norman Park

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