"I guess it would be fair now if John Kerry and Max Cleland tore into the war records of Saxby Chambliss, George W. and Dick Cheney. Oh, but I forgot, they don't have war records. Silly me.

His legacy

"If John Kerry has flip-flopped, what is that Zell Miller has done? He's made a real jackass of himself, that's what. And that will be his legacy.

Many talents

"Senator Kerry is a man of many talents. It is not everyone that can injure themselves, pull a man out-of-the-water which was his job and get metals when there was not even enemy fire.

Kerry's record

"If memory serves, Kerry started this Viet Nam service thing. Something like I was there, I won three purple hearts, a bronze star,and a silver star. Where was Bush?

Well Mr. Kerry you can set the record straight, just open your military records and medical records to the public. John Wayne could not have won five medals in four months. About his black ops. operations, there are so many flaws in that story it sinks real quick.

Check the records

"What do you mean, check the record on the economy comparing Bush to Clinton. During the Clinton administration the stock market had its highest points in history. 'Net jobs' were created and we were not quadrupling our national debt with a silly war drawn from fabrication.

Just what school of economics did you attend?


"The Jr. Service League's "Jukebox Saturday Night" was fantastic. Last week's Grease Production at the Arts Center was also wonderful. Moultrie is such a great community!

How we look

"The county and city have spent millions improving downtown Moultrie. New sidewalks, refurbished courthouse, new government building, new welfare building, new police station and traffic lights. However, as soon as you leave downtown all that impresses you are the weeds that are grown up along all of our roads, streets, unoccupied lots and in many cases occupied property. I had company from out of town and they were surprised that a town this nice allowed such an unkept landscape.

Bus issue

"More children should ride the bus to CCHS. There are too many children running around after schools in fancy cars and trucks when they should be on their way home to study.

Junk yard

"It did little good to remove the old Swift building when just down the road is a junk yard that is incredibly unsightly.

What a great way to greet visitors on our north side.

Parkview game

"I can't go to the Parkview game but I can listen and cheer.

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