The world has come together to aid and support Haiti during their most recent difficulty and still the survivors continue to intimidate the Relief Groups that are trying to help them.

 People are threatening to burn down the relief workers tents because they don’t have tents. The survivors are arguing and fighting with machetes rather than helping their fellow Haitians.

The president of Haiti, Rene Preval needs to implement some kind of marshal law and bring about some type of order so that the relief workers can get their job done in a timely manner.  

All I’ve heard is give me this, I want that, and also that the United States isn’t doing enough fast enough. The Haitian government has misappropriated and pocketed relief proceeds for so long without any accountability, that they are now looking for a really huge payday with this disaster. I say do what we can, but no money, no way, no how, and those other governments that don’t like it, allow them to pick up the slack. If you reach out to help and only hear how you didn’t do enough, would that make you less sympathetic, less supportive, or even less tolerant?  

I think it would, if not, then you are truly a saint and I believe there are some of you (saints) around.  The U. N. peacekeeping force is a joke, they are only second in line to the United Nations as far as profiting from the relief efforts taking place. Those that have been affected by this disaster should be relocated away from the relief efforts until some kind of order is restored and then allow them to reenter Port-au-Prince.

 All that donated money could be put to better use by following some simple suggestions and not allowing a deceptive government to make certain decisions, especially when it comes down to relief finances.  I want to help the people of Haiti, but I don’t want to see 90 cents out of every dollar I give swallowed up by the deceitfulness of such a reprehensible government.

 My money would be better spent and utilized on the needy individuals inside the United States, on our struggling unemployed legal citizens. They need food, medication, dental care, clothes, shelter, utilities, counseling, work, transportation, prayers, but most of all they need their country, The United States Of America and those they entrusted by electing them, to stand up and support them for a change.

 I don’t mind my money being used to help those less fortunate, but charity should start at home and if there’s anything left spread it out where it can help the most.  

It has been a long time since our country; The United States Of America actually stood by and encouraged its citizens as though it gives a damn.  

C.J. Sweat


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