Not chance

"Facts? Ours is a complex, diverse, co-dependent, intricately balanced creation. Such is the product of intelligent design. Not chaos and chance."

Death to them

"Death to Chavez and any one else who threatens Democracy. There are certainly more obvious targets like that smug Jacques Chirac who denegrates everyone else's cuisine and did his best to keep us from bringing democracy to the Middle East. Death to Chirac! "

Prom issue

"The prom date restrictions might be in place because of the 'adult dates' who tend to show up with students. Many don't feel they should comply with school rules and a lot of them (older family members who tag along) just get in the way and make fools of themselves. Why in the world would a grown man want to go to a kid's prom anyway?"


"Does the person who wrote about Genesis know what a metaphor or analogy is? They should also become familiar with the word 'blasphemy' and the noted punishment for it."

I agree

"I agree. Welcome Sanderson Farms!! I too am glad that the nasayers did not prevail as they have tried to rule this community for far too long! It is time we continue to grow and attract industry and commerce! Big kudos to Darrel Moore and his staff for all they do to help improve our local economy!"

Wet T-shirt

"It's a shame that all of us had to wait until after the wet T-shirt contest to hear about it. Maybe next time we will hear about it in time to make plans to attend."

In response

"You asked if Dwain Walden inherited his job from his father? Obviously you don't even know this man or what he's about. Your ridiculous comment certainly puts you below his level of integrity and inelligence. The fact that he even ran your dribble in this column is indicative of his fairness and journalistic integrity."

They are kids!

"To those who boo young football players. Your intelligence level would fail to register on any kind of meter. Please be aware that these are kids.Your freedom of speech in this regard should be balanced with common sense and responsibility. "

The way it is

"Well, we'll soon be paying $3 a gallon for gasoline. Please don't tell me that I'd pay more than that in England. You also get free medical care in England.

"God save us from this Republican administration and may we never make such a mistake again. And please don't tell us it's not Dubba's fault. It happened on his watch and that's how you've always graded the Democrats.

"Am I better off than I was five years ago. No sir. I am not. It's simple math."

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