An idea

“Here’s an idea: Everyone who hates the cops is not allowed to call the cops.”

The new ‘normal’

“Over the past 15 months, leftists have normalized shutting down businesses and churches at will, forced masking citizens, caused lockdowns, censored private citizens and even world leaders. Rest assured, this is not for your safety, it is to prepare you for what they’re about to do next. Communist takeover is a step by step process; we are only partway there.”

Voter ID

“You need an ID to fish, hunt, open bank accounts, buy property/real estate, register vehicles, start utilities, board planes, buy tobacco and alcohol, buy guns/ammo, get welfare or other benefits, to get married, to get Social Security, go to college or to get jobs. Democrats don’t want voter ID because it stops them from cheating and stealing. Keeps ‘em honest!”

Restrictions in homes

“SCOTUS, 5-4, ruled against California Gov. Newsom’s restrictions on home Bible study/worship. Many people, especially the media, missed the argument’s essence, likely intentionally. It wasn’t religious versus secular, it is in home versus anywhere. California wants laws restricting religious services in one’s home, behind closed doors. That’s liberals’ point completely. How else can liberals control the entire country?”

Illegal weapons

“Few criminals buy weapons legally, avoiding background checks and purchase limits. Purchase limits and background checks are always used against law abiding citizens! Democrats pass more gun laws targeting and restricting law abiding citizens, ignoring criminals, then call for more gun laws that likewise ignore criminals. What do Democrats have planned allowing them to disarm law abiding citizens?”

Biden’s ‘unity’

“Time and time again, we hear Biden preach ‘unity’ in America. Then, at every speaking opportunity he excoriates the right and seeks to further divide America. ‘Unity,’ to Biden, means do things my way or not at all. Typical Democrat perverted thinking, and maybe he thinks those on the right don’t see through his veiled threats disguised as unity talk?”

CDC overreach

“Saw where CDC extended its moratorium on evictions for several more months. Democrats will milk this virus for every dime and inch they can get out of it. What gives CDC legal authority to pass laws, without input or debate? And which podunk department, without any authority, will begin passing ‘edicts’ and ‘moratoria’ to be enforced as law tomorrow?”

Can’t blame Trump now

“Another police shooting leaves a man dead in Minneapolis. The burning, looting and murders start all over again. Not sure why any businesses remain in Minneapolis, but apparently some still do. The usual mouthpieces used to blame Trump tweets for all the violence and looting. Who are they blaming now? This proves Trump wasn’t the problem then or now.”

Declining, not refusing

“People not wanting the vaccine aren’t ‘refusing’ it as media purports. It’s possible to decline without refusing it ... like refusing to take medications that you’ve no reason to take. That’s not ‘refusing.’ You decide what’s best for you, your body, your choice. ‘Refuse’ is a manipulative term, triggering unfair moral pressure. Media is, as usual, twisting and perverting the truth.”


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