‘Christian influence’ shouldn’t be a criterion

“Sorry but requiring that the coach to be a ‘Christian influence’ shouldn’t have even been in the equation. That’s getting into the man’s personal business and has 0 to do with why he’s leaving a place he he’s loved to come here.

“Do you plan to check on his church attendance?”

Propst suit may bring change in school leadership

“I hope Propst sues and wins big again! Some many are so tired of the way the superintendent and his all-male review, um ... assistants, try to intimidate and run rough-shod over people and our clueless bored of education goes along with it!”

Propst for the sports hall of fame?

“So will Rush be allowed to be inducted into the sports hall of fame? If I were him, I’d tell ya exactly what to do with that honor!”

Opt out of Milestones test

“I am an educator and I urge parents to address the crazy stressful Milestones test. Students do not have to take this if parents request to have their child opt out. The state government and local schools do not advertise this. Education has gotten to a point of extremes and this is just one example. Students deserve better. Opt out!”

More MAGA!

“Thank you. We intend to keep our MAGA president (Magnificent Awesome Gallant American.) for five and one half more years.”

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