Support other sports too

“It would be nice if some of the die-hard ‘Packer fans’ would support the soccer team on Thursday. Colquitt County is more than football. Go Pack!”

Democrats support abortions

“The Rant, ‘We are one nation under God.’ Does your view of ‘under God’ include the 800,000 abortions your Democrat party supports and funds annually? My view of ‘under God’ does not. Every one of those precious babies is a living, breathing, human being. My party doesn’t support abortion as yours does. Yours lost in 2016, remember?”

Most of county does support Trump

“You may dislike Trump, but this county voted majority for Trump in November, 2016. Just because your party lost the election isn’t grounds for you to call for ‘rewrites’ of newspaper articles. Your party is in the minority in Colquitt County. And your calling Trump names does not reflect poorly on Trump, it reflects poorly on you.”

Release of tax returns is not required

“No law requires Trump to publicly release any tax return. Tax returns do not reveal candidates’ integrity or virtue. Certainly didn’t with Clinton, what a paragon of virtue he was.

Financial disclosures, however, are required, look up Trump’s online. Will Trump’s tax return help you? No. How did the Obamas become multimillionaires while earning $200k per year in office?”

Good doctors are training more good doctors here

“Shout out to Dr. Ukpong and the PCOM resident he is mentoring! Went today with my husband and I stood in amazement how Dr. Ukpong walked him through every step and how impressionable this young man was. We are in our 60s and appreciate such care. We need to welcome these students to Moultrie and appreciate our mentor doctors!”

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