Non-prosecution is a problem

“Since Boston, and other cities, no longer prosecute minor crimes, criminal repercussions are removed. How long before businesses and citizens evacuate downtown Boston for safety reasons, alone. Soon enough, it’ll be criminal to defend oneself against crime. Democrats will soon complain about their deteriorating cities and want more federal funding. Democrat policies are destroying good cities and are so predictable.”

Truth always comes out

“So, the Mueller report definitively proved there was never any justification for Mueller’s investigation to begin with. Funny how the truth always comes out like that. The question is: what did Mueller know for a fact about Trump’s innocence and when did he know it? Then, we’ll know exactly why this Democrat hoax continued for so long.”

Total exoneration and innuendo

“I read Mueller’s report. It was total Trump exoneration; except the last two thirds of the report which was political commentary and innuendo, which doesn’t usually suffice for indictable material. My favorite part was, ‘the investigation did not establish that the Trump Campaign coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities. (p9&10)’ Your favorite part?”

So many directors for school system

“Since Howell took office the central office has grown tremendously. Mr. McCoy nor Dr. DePaul needed all the directors and assistant directors we have now. It seems our test scores would be improving but they are not. BOE please take action and fire Howell next.”

Trump is killing the Constitution

“After Donald Trump, the U.S. Constitution will be useless. He is rewriting the Constitution. One example, no one will have to show their tax returns.”

Trump is best president

“Donald Trump is the best president this country has had since the last two was in the White House.  He has the will to expose the ‘swamp’ in Washington which is our crooked government officials that are in there for their own greed.  

“Trump is not a politician and this is causing the Democrats to tremble in their boots! They know the swamp is draining!”  

Proud to support Donald Trump

“I am a Trump supporter and he is the best thing to happen to this country. If you are not a Trump supporter then you are a communist socialist who believes in the old Soviet Union ways. God help this beautiful country if communist Bernie or pervert Joe gets elected. Trump2020 landslide!!”

Support schools, new coach and team

“Quit whining!! Probst is gone. Support the new coach and the team of dedicated athletes and students. Before you complain about the school board you should post, honestly, how many meetings you have attended and who you voted for (if you even voted).”

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