Change is coming to Williams Middle School

“Williams Middle School is departmentalizing next year, this means students will not be on teams, and will not have a separate reading class. This is being done to boost test scores, and it is a mistake. Could’t the plan be tested with the 7th grade students first for a year, to see if it works? Let’s prove it works first.”

Winning tradition will continue at CCHS

“CCHS Packer football will continue winning because we have good kids playing the game and they want to win. Quit being so negative. Coach Propst is gone. Support the new Coach. Some say boycott because of what the Board and Doug did, get real! If you want to stay home fine, I will continue to support CCHS Football.”

Terrorists target Christianity

“Terrorists have struck again. It’s obvious Christianity is under attack and these terrorists are in the caravans pushing their way into the US at the border yet the ‘Do Good Democrats’ say ‘we should have open borders and no Christians we should welcome them’ they say!  As a Christian I don’t believe the Bible tells me to welcome anyone who is trying to destroy His kingdom.”  

Worst president in history

“Donald Trump asked the question. Can you believe that I had to go through the worst and most corrupt political Witch Hunt in the history of the United States? Yes, I can believe it, because you are the worst president in the history of the United States of America.”

Boycott would only hurt the players

“Boycott the 2019 football season? Are you kidding me!?! All who do that are hurting no one but the kids!! I hope you are the only one who thinks this way because the boys need support from all of us. It is not their fault we are changing coaches. Let’s stand behind the boys and the coaches!!”

More investigations await; what’s the hold-up?

“I’m still waiting for all the coaches who’ve ever cussed at players and all the teachers who ever had debt to be brought up on charges by the PSC! What’s the superintendent and BOE waiting for?”

Spring Fling shouldn’t fall on Easter weekend

Spring Fling should not be on Easter weekend - period! Do you people not own a calendar?

Fines could help solve loud music problem

“I have a simple solution to the loud music problem in Moultrie and Funston. For each time that the police or sheriff have to go to the same place concerning the loud music, the person should be fined five hundred dollars. I think that will stop some of this loud music problems.”

There won’t be a football boycott

“No one is boycotting anything. We’ve got a new HC after great success with the last one and we hope to continue our winning tradition.

“Propst did us proud but he’s out now. Time to accept that and turn down the drama a notch.”

Did you actually read Mueller’s report?

“From what I read on the internet, there are a lot of folks in Colquitt Co. who need to READ Mueller’s report and not just listen to someone give their version of it. Trump is the worst thing that has happened to this country since it started. If you can’t see that, you aren’t looking. Do some research, learn FACTS!”

AP writer injects opinion into news story

“I too am upset that the AP would inject their opinion in a news release. Their mission is to report news. I do not care whether someone is for or against Trump. More importantly the media has become unhinged and is losing all credibility. The Observer can begin by not printing opinion pieces in the news section.”

Not all Colquitt Countians support Trump

“All Colquitt Countians do not support Trump. I consider it an insult to see on the front page ‘Colquitt Countians support Trump.’ There should be a rewrite stating some Colquitt Countians support Trump. He is egotistical and does not seem to care about anyone except himself. He is disrespectful. We are one nation under God.”

Opting out of Milestones can hurt school ranking

“Your statement about schools not wanting parents to know about opting out of Milestones Test is incorrect! Teachers are not allowed to tell parents their child can opt out because if too many students opt out, it will hurt the school’s CCRPI score. Then parents will complain about the school being a failing school because of the low CCRPI score.”

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