Becoming an autocrat

“Sitting President directed people to lie for him. Sitting president used foul language in his tweets. Sitting president bullies people who have different views than his. Some people are helping Trump become an autocrat. Be careful of what you help produce. It will haunt our children for years on.”

Misleading headlines

“There are many people who live in Colquitt County that oppose Donald Trump. Many people are afraid to denounce Trump due to being bullied. Even our elected leaders are afraid of him.This is not Trump land it is home of the free and brave.”

Storm closings

“Any business (other than school systems) close for this latest ‘storm of the century’? Ridiculous!!!”

Biased against Propst

“I agree that the paper has definitely been biased against coach Propst! I would love for you to print all the facts about the superintendent that have been sent to you however you will not because the superintendent and the board of education run the newspaper!”

I don’t support Trump

“No no no. This Colquitt County resident doesn’t support this petty, ignorant brat. I mute the TV every time his mouth opens because he can’t talk without either stumbling through disjointed nonsense, insulting people or braying about how great he is.

“Why anyone, particularly women, support him I’ll never understand but that’s their right.”

Dress codes

“I guess the high school doesn’t have a dress code. I saw men with pants down low enough to see their underwear. Buying football tickets and no one in the guard gate. Somebody is not doing their job.”


“The seniors had a dinner not a banquet Thursday and given out awards. No newspaper person, no radio person. The well known families in this town were not there. But the awards were given out. This is a disgrace to the players and to the families that give these awards every year. Coach or no coach this was wrong.”

Blame Obama and Clinton

“‘This was an attempted coup by dirty cops.’ - President Trump.

“I disagree. This was a failed coup by your predecessor and Hillary, conducted by their dirty FBI/DOJ cops. How many other GOP presidential candidates did they also spy on? Democrats are quaking in their boots, and rightly so, and they’re doing everything possible to obstruct and sidetrack Barr.”

Turning government on Democrats

“Democrats used most of the government against Trump for the past 3 years. Now, he’s turning that same government back on them and they scream, ‘malicious, antagonistic, gauche and asinine.’ They call Trump names because he gave Democrats a good taste of their own medicine. Democrats, fortunately, can never call Trump Guilty, right Mueller? Democrats are funny.”

Hit parents in pocketbook

“To stop fights at school, we need to hit the parents in the pocketbook.  If fights at school resulted in a $100 fine or two nights in jail, the parents would stop the fights. If my dad had to pay one hundred dollars to get me out of jail, I would have stayed in jail hoping my father would calm down.”

Drug Task Force

“What is going on with the drug task force? I have called about the drug problem here in Funston telling them about the traffic all through the night at this house even told them the time that the cars start coming and still nothing has been done except that the traffic has gotten worse and my family losing sleep.”

How many coaches?

“So how many coaches turned down the football job? The BOE will say none, but I KNOW it’s just shy of double digits. I expect this coach to last less than five years and by then we’ll be at the bottom again.”

Milestones test

“Parents, you can push back on this ridiculous and stressful Milestones test. This test is particularly stressful for our elementary students. Parents may opt out of their child taking the test without penalty, a fact that schools do not want to get out to the public. I would love to see parents stand up to the state and say NO MORE!”

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