Videos verify

“I verify what I read in newspapers. Videos are wonderful when verifying what newspapers print and keep me better informed. The more I research, the more I see the news is twisted by leftist media outlets to compliment their political narrative. I see lying by omission, carefully selected leading words and editorializing disguised as ‘truthful objective journalism.’ Videos don't lie.”

COVID coming to ABAC

“ABAC will be closing soon due to the covid-19! Some students and parents walking around on campus with no mask on!! Students are moving in for fall semester and they are acting like the coronavirus doesn't exist!! If you don't care about your life respect other people life!! ABAC should had all classes online!!”

Dog attacks

“It's pretty bad when you can't walk your dogs around Jacqueline Circle without being ambushed and chased by other dogs running around off leash. There are leash laws in place for a reason. Leash laws are clearly not being followed or enforced. I don't care how friendly your dog is, it's a nuisance for those of us following the law.”

Changing classes

“During Covid-19, it would seem safer if schools had the teachers change classes rather than hundreds of students in crowded hallways.”


“A writer warns us not to be fooled by ‘left wing chicanery’ but fails to mention the 4 years of Trumpist chicanery his followers have been fooled by as though they are under hypnosis.”


“Joe Biden's political commercial said to ‘build back and build back better.’ Sounds like Biden wants to Make America Great Again, rather like Trump's done for nearly 4 years ... without Democrats’ help. Democrats didn't want that from Trump. Why didn't Biden build anything, anything at all, during his 8 years in the White House or his 36 years as Delaware's Senator?”

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