Online in the classroom

“What is the point of sending our children to CCHS or Gray if they are just going to do the same online Edgenuity assignments as the remote learners? I want my children taught by a teacher, not a computer. If this is where public education in our county is headed, my family of Packers will find somewhere else to attend.”

Kids driving 4-wheelers

“The 8 - 12 year olds in my neighborhood have learned how to ride 4 wheelers in vehicle traffic, racing 4 wheelers and how to ignore traffic laws. Cops just wave to them. This is a tragedy waiting for a place to happen. Next time school is out for a virus, maybe try some in-home learning that actually works.”

Masks in school

“Wear your mask, please, teachers. C.A. Gray teachers, please do your part and do not pass on germs to my child. If my child can wear a mask all day, you can too. Show some respect.”


“I appreciate Dr. Medley's well written and thoughtful editorial. The monument is not a symbol of Southern heritage, it is a message to black Americans to remember their place. If we want to honor Confederate dead, put it in their cemeteries, not on the courthouse square. Take down the monument.”

Oregon’s problems

“Dear Oregonians: don't bring your problems to Georgia. Stay in Portland where you voted in those who are now ruining your state. You're getting exactly what you voted for, keep it there. You voted these people into office and like typical Democrats, you still aren't happy. Clean up your own mess, we're not your mama. Next time, elect Republicans.”

Better off?

“What kind of mental gymnastics must you do to think that America is better off today than it was 4 years ago? How can you continue to support such an obvious train wreck?”

Trump’s accomplishments

“I saw Trump's list of >125 accomplishments released by the White House, all while opposing Democrats fought him at every step. Democrats never lifted one toe helping Trump while he helped Americans. Shameful Democrats. Most Americans don't know, nor care, what Trump did for them. They just ignorantly parrot standard Democrat lies about what Trump has not done.”

Stimulus bill

“Saw where the Senate adjourned until September 8, 2020, because the US House refuses to negotiate on the latest stimulus bill. Pelosi's demanding $3 trillion in new spending but the Senate says spending $1 trillion is plenty. How much debt do you want your grandchildren to inherit from you? What has the House of Representatives done for workers this year?”

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