Look out of state

“I hope the CCBoE goes out of state for our next school superintendent. This would cut out any nepotism or perceived nepotism. Raises and promotions should be based on merit not quid pro quo. That would be best for Colquitt County's students and tax payers.”

Speaking out

“Re: Buildings burn in 'peaceful' protests by Tom Rogers. Good to see conservatives willing to speak out. ‘…American people will not be fooled by the left wing Democrats’ chicanery.’ So, so true Mr. Rogers. Presumably, those bullets that wounded 592 in Chicago, 92 fatally, last month were "mostly peaceful" also. Democrats are good at violence and destruction and little else.”

The gullible

“Saw where polls are finding that 9% of the US population believes that 30 million Americans have died from the virus. People now believe that positive tests equate to deaths, which is fake news. The polls have average Americans scared to death, like Democrats prefer. The left's propaganda efforts have succeeded, at least among the gullible.”

What works

“The countries that mandated mask wearing have reduced their Covid cases and their economies have returned to normal. Our leadership did little to encourage mask wearing and look where we are now.”

AP is balanced

“Bless the heart of the person who thinks the AP is biased. Look up any media bias chart and you'll see the AP in the middle. Granted, this person also probably thinks that Fox News is unbiased and that the Moultrie Observer is left leaning anytime it prints something truthful that puts Trump in a bad light.”


“‘Republicans did not vote to extend rental and mortgages.’ … neither did Democrats. You may not like evictions but landlords don't exist to provide you free housing. Everyone knows: if you don't pay, out you go. No surprises there, whether renting or buying ... been that way for centuries. Don't pay your car payment, it gets repo'd. You have no solutions, just complaints.”

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