Job openings

“Everywhere I go, I see ‘job opening’ signs in windows. These new signs were nowhere to be seen just 2 years ago or before. Government (BLS) might say there are 501k fewer jobs, but businesses cannot fill current openings. That’s street reality. What Trump says reflects what I see daily, what the Bureau of Labor Statistics says defies logic.”

Talk about the real problems, like drugs

“All this talk about segregation is alright, but the biggest issue here is the drug problems that these small town have. Funston for one. I see these drug dealers coming from Albany, and the Carolinas coming here to Funston to sell and nothing is been done about it.”

Funston receives more money for water system

“Again Funston is receiving another loan for its water system. What happen to the other loans that they have received? The pipes in Funston should be gold by now with all the money they have received.”

Dogs running loose are a hazard

“People of Moultrie, you have a right to own a dog or dogs ... but you also have the responsibility to make sure those dogs are confined, not roaming and threatening pedestrians.

“I enjoy walking at times to do an errand when the weather is nice. It is a healthy activity and does not require the use of a gas guzzling vehicle. However my walking experience became nightmarish recently when walking on the other side of the street 5 threatening dogs came charging at me barking and hostile.

“To the resident of that home you will be reported for not having dogs properly fenced in or leashed — but I also believe if I am walking down the street and I am not on your property I have the right to defend myself.

“I have always been a card carrying liberal anti gun advocate. I do not like guns and I have never felt the need to carry a gun, but I am seriously considering purchasing a gun now so I can walk safely … and I promise you, this negligent dog owner, if your dog or dogs come charging at me again I will fire one warning shot and if that does not suffice your dogs will be taken care of —and I believe I have the legal right to do so.”

There is a difference

“Maybe one day we’ll figure out the difference between evidence and anecdotal evidence.”

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