State witness

“Okay, so this is  how it works. The first to squeal, gets the deal. I noticed the judge held out one of the sentences on the killer until after he testifies against his partner. I just hope the second sentence runs consecutively and not concurrent."

Cutting deals

“I understand why the state cuts a deal with one suspect to convict others. It probably saves us taxpayers money and it can nailed the others for heinous crimes. But I still don’t like it."

Illegal operation

“I, too, see kids riding illegal motorized vehicles on public roads. So I have a question for the parents of these kids. Who will you blame when there’s a tragedy? As well, do you realize the liability you are assuming by allowing the vehicles to be driven on public roads? Yea, I know it’s just kids being kids until that moment when your world is turned upside down."

Meth labs

“Yes we are awash in meth labs. Just read Tuesday’s paper and there it is again."

Me too

“I’ve also noticed how someone is charged with probation violation and then in a few months I see them back on the street. I wish someone would explain this logic."

In response

“Yea I’m sure if there’s a robbery going on in a convenience store that I will be glad that you are there with your gun. I’m sure you having training in such circumstances and won’t get any of us innocent bystanders killed while you’re playing Wyatt Earp."

Gun toter

“I carry a licensed gun. But I would not attempt to intervene in a robbery of a public facility unless the situation was dire to the point of protecting myself and others. I mainly carry it to protect myself from being mugged in other venues. My business calls for me getting in and out of my vehicle in the dark quite often."


“E-Cigs... Should these be allowed in the workplace? We do not know the effects of the vapor from these E-Cigs. I don't think these should be used in the workplace, especially in a hospital setting. I myself choose not to smoke, therefore I don't think I should have to be around this in my work environment."

More info please

“Concerning the lady getting attacked by the 2 men, why was the most important part of the story omitted? Surely she gave a description of them, so how would others know who to be on the lookout for? No excuse for this by the authorities and newspaper."

Don't yell

“Why does Al Sharpton always seem like he’s yelling when he’s commentating on television. I’m distracted from what he is saying simply by the way he is saying it. Don’t yell at me!"

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