City needs job growth: more stores, more restaurants

“Moultrie needs job growth to help develop retail stores and more restaurants. There is no where to shop here as evidenced by Moultrie becoming a ghost town on the weekend. Everyone flocks to Valdosta, Thomasville, and Tifton to buy clothes, eat, and spend their money. As a result, Moultrie stagnates and loses a lot of tax revenue.”

Trump forced to confront white supremacy

“President Trump always appears to be speaking under duress when he is forced to confront the scourge of white supremacy, a scourge which he has helped to amplify and perpetuate.”

Violent movies, video games escape criticism

“Hollywood makes an unending stream of super violent movies but is immune to Democrat criticism. Silicone Valley makes horrendously violent video games played by 12 year olds, without criticism. Then, when youngsters act out what Hollywood and Silicone Valley taught them, suddenly it’s Trump’s fault? Seriously? Don’t blame Trump for 20+ year old psychopaths.”

Scam phone calls at 2 a.m.

“These scam callers have gotten craftier, calling me at 2AM for my private information, on Holidays saying they are the IRS and using a deep authoritative voice talking about the bank account I do not have ... Hmmm. Congress can stop these calls any time they want ... but, oh shoot, Congress is on 6-week paid vacation.”

Front page lacked diversity

“Nice show of our diverse community on the front page (Friday). Four new school administrators are all white and the elite privileged white gifted center with its white teachers and students. Y’all do know that black and Latino outnumber whites in this county!”

Thank you, Dr. June

“We are losing an excellent pediatrician through retirement. Thank you, Dr. P. L. June for all you’ve done for my family. Just about all of my children and grandchildren have asthma. Dr. June saved their lives so many times! She has even prayed with us when we were afraid! Thank you, Dr. June. Go with God and with our love.”

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