“Stop lying to parents! Edgenuity is a low level, basic program that does not meet the needs of our students. Our teachers are more than qualified to teach in-person and/or online. The purchase and mandated use of this program is an embarrassment. Teacher input for this program purchase was not even considered. Shame on you, CCBOE! Our students deserve better!”

ATV fatality

“The coroner's comments on recent ATV fatality was uncalled for. The family is already devastated and you showed no compassion or sensitivity in your reporting. You, sir, owe this family a public apology.”

Another death

“Yet another young person killed on a four-wheeler and a reader saw the police just ride by and wave. I've seen that too. When will our local law enforcement enforce our laws? It's illegal for those to be on the streets. This needs to be enforced aggressively; a wave won't work.”


“Haven't seen the school playground behind First Baptist cleaned once since school started. What happened to the school system reopening plan? Guess it was just paper. Shame on you. I hope those students don't get coronavirus.”


“Republicans are talking about how the economy will tank if Trump loses the election and Democrats take White House. History shows us that America’s economy has been much better under Democratic administrations than Republicans!”

Trump succeeding

“We know why Trump is so hated among Democrats. It's because he succeeded in bringing the economy back from the brink of collapse after Obama signed mountains of new and expensive business regulations. And most Democrats say, ‘So what if Donald Trump brought back jobs!’ Joe's voters don’t want jobs! Joe even said j-o-b-s was a three-letter word.”


“Brilliant note of support towards the people of Oregon. I particularly liked the advice of ‘next time elect Republicans.’

“Why would any sane human being, after almost four years of watching the sinister and lawless escapades seeping out of DC under this Trumpist Party (not GOP anymore) even think of voting for those people? 

“Look at us!”

Bull market

“In the midst of a phenomenal bull stock market bull under Trump, I've listened for weeks how Trump's ‘destroying the economy,’ and we're in ‘an economic crisis’ and other gloomy scenarios. Those running the Democrat Party can't see the forest for all the trees. That's good, though, I'll enjoy the summer's stock market rally while Democrats cry in their beer.”

More AP bias

“When a man pulled a gun outside an abortion clinic on 8/21/2020, threatening a pro-life group, AP's headline read: ‘Delaware police arrest man with a gun at Planned Parenthood.’ AP will not admit he was pro-abortion. The story was only carried locally — if he'd been a Trump supporter, this would have been WWIII banner headlines nationwide. That's AP bias!”

An idea

“I have an idea. Students show up to school with notebooks, schoolbooks and something to write with. Yeah. And students, try some long division, writing term papers and reading books (OMG!). Education problems solved. Just the threat of making students think nowadays, is considered abuse from Democrats. My generation put people on the moon, what has this generation done? Anything?”

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