Digging our graves

"We are digging our own graves. New Chinese drivers are driving up gas prices. Just wait until they start eating meat at every meal. Thank you multi-national corporations who buy out our traitorous politicians."


"It was a good thing to see a law abiding citizen protect themselves with a handgun. Another check in the column for the Second Amendment."


"Let me get this straight. If I fought in Vietnam, but declare myself a hippie, I'm not welcomed as a member of the VFW. So much for fighting for our rights to choose how we live in this country. Hypocrites!"

Try compassion

"As a social services professional, I disagree with the perpetual contest that certain members of DFCS and law enforcement have in seeing how many children they can remove from homes. Shame on you! Social services is about helping families and showing compassion.You are only impressing yourselves."

Terrible streets

"The streets in Carlton Woods subdivision are terrible! We pay a lot of tax money to live in this neighborhood.We deserve decent streets.When you stop maintaining our neighborhoods, you loose city taxes from people who move out of the city to newer subdivisions. Ride down Tallokas and you will see."


"To whoever made the decision to clear the bushes out of that curve on Old Adel Highway so we can see the traffic, you did a good day's work. Bless you."

Poor service

"I agree that the garbage pickup service in the Indian Lake area is not good. We put our garbage cans on the curb on Friday and 99 percent of the time, the cans sit there all weekend. We then have to take all our weekend trash to the curb.

"Yes we probably need the exercise, but the cans have a tendency to blow over. Has our pickup schedule been changed and we were not notified?"

DNA testing

"Thomas A. Doswell, of Pittsburgh, PA, has been freed because DNA testing has conclusively shown he didn't commit rape although he spent years in prison after being wrongly convicted. We need more DNA testing, to ensure that the innocent aren't wrongly put in prisons. To allow the innocent in prisons, means that a guilty person got away with a crime."


"Okay, let's applaud our congressional delegation for doing their job. We appreciate their efforts. But they are getting paid to do that, you know. And by the way, that's some of our money coming back home. Hey, let's applaud ourselves, come to think of it.

"Now, about four-lanning 133. I haven't seen enough money approved yet that will even get the bulldozers out on that project."

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