Fence your yard

"I am sorry for any animal whose life ends in the street, but the blame is neglectful owners who don't have fenced yards or keep their pets in the house. You don't let your kids play in the street do you?"

Daycare safety

"Do other parents not want to know what daycare the 3 year old was molested at? I have children in daycare centers in Moultrie and I am scared to death that my children could be next. Do other parents think it will not happen to them?"

Craters on road

"Why can't the roads department repair the several huge craters on the Ellenton-Omega road? For the last two months all you have done is throw a few shovels of asphalt in these deep holes that take up the whole side of the road. Please get this fixed before someone gets killed."

South gate

"Hopefully our President will assess our War in Iraq and think about moving troops from the eastern gates and place them at the South Gate of our Fort. They are coming over the walls from all over the world. Legal, illegal, and terrorists immigrants. Our country is still the greatest in the world."

Tickets too high

"Packer season tickets are too high for common folk to afford to see a game. I'll continue to watch them on the radio."

Dog issue

"Please don't get upset with motorists when your dog gets run over. No one wants to run over someone's dog and if you keep them in your yard (perhaps using a fence) then this does not become a problem. Consider that your dog running into the road could cause a wreck with people injured or killed."


"Recently I applied for several jobs, spending much time filling out resumes. I didn't hear anything from any of the locations. I thought it was common courtesy to get a response."

Flood response

"Where was Sen. Chambliss when we needed help for the flooding in Colquitt County? I've called and talked to his office with no resolve."


"On Tuesday, Aug. 2, I was in Albany. Gas was $2.05 per gallon. In Moultrie, at the same company, it was $2.17. That's gouging."

Poor service

"TransWaste has performed poorly since the beginning. The county needs to do serious assessment of this performance before going up on fees."

Some privacy

"As a parent of a high school daughter, I'm appalled that many of the bathroom stalls don't have locks on the doors, if they have doors. These girls need a little privacy please."

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