High school needs more road access

“When are we going to get another road out to 319 from the new high school?! All this traffic after school coming through these small roads in my neighborhood is going to cause an accident!”

Mass shootings unlikely, abortion kills daily

“What are your odds of being involved in a mass shooting in a country of 330 million people? Astronomically small. The left hypes mass shootings as though they occur in every town just about every day but express no remorse for killing 2,000 babies DAILY. The leftists see only what they meant to see...”

‘Segregation’ is a result of choices

“Insofar as ‘segregation’ in Moultrie, it ain’t about black, latino or white, it’s about personal achievement, working hard, obeying the rule of law and personal choice. For everybody. What’s hard about that? One’s failure or success in life doesn’t constitute segregation, it only constitutes failure or success. You chose your own lot in life, now live with your own choice.”

Double standards on display

“So when Bernie Sanders says Baltimore, MD, is like a third world country, nobody objects. In fact, he was praised for his comments about Baltimore. When Trump says the same thing, Democrats explode and call Trump racist. Double standards are the Democrat’s hallmark. What ain’t obvious? If not for double standards, Democrats wouldn’t have any standards.”

Proposed gun laws wouldn’t have stopped shooters

“Numerous new gun laws are coming soon. Only law abiding citizens are being targeted. None of the proposed laws would’ve stopped the El Paso, Dayton, Gilroy or Aurora shootings. Not one. Not one bill is directed at criminals carrying illegally, like criminals in Chicago, St. Louis and Baltimore who shoot thousands annually. It’s all political theater for next year’s election.”

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