Impeachment wouldn’t crash markets

“The latest, ‘If I ever got impeached, I think the market would crash. I think everybody would be very poor’ statement has me LOL! Who does this guy think he is - our stock market will NOT tank on the politics of Washington - it may have a bad day, but then so goes the entire Trump experiment.”

Trump got the job done

“So Bush and Obama didn’t deport the known Nazi back to Germany? Why not? The press kept that very quiet. In 2004, he was ordered for deportation and only under Trump has that order been carried out.

“Trump got the job done that Bush and Obama couldn’t do. That’s the difference between leadership and no leadership.”

Anti-growth commissioner should go

“Chris Hunnicut is a embarrassment and should not be allowed to serve. He is obviously not competent and should step aside and let someone qualified to serve. He doesn’t think jobs and growth are important and in fact wants to suppress it. Kick him out now for all our sake!”

Praise for Hamilton School

“I have to say I had breakfast with my children at Hamilton and they treated me with such kindness. Way to go Hamilton Lunch Ladies!”

Such a great victory

“The US has deported on a stretcher a 95 year old German who obeyed orders rather than get a bullet in the back of his head. My chest swells with pride at the US getting this dangerous man out of the country.”

Hospital cafeteria needs upgrade

“When will the hospital board realize they need to invest in a new cafeteria for their employees and the community that eat there? It’s a shame that it was not taken into consideration when talking about remodeling. Please take a look. We enjoy getting a well balanced meal during the day. A lot of people go there to eat.”

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