Need more info

“Is the city talking about charging $20 for grass clippings and pine straw? Then that ultimately will mean that people will take less care of their yards. Or is the city talking about tree limbs, etc.? Can we be more clear on this?"


“The people of Norman Park would like to thank Police Chief Raymond Bedal. Not only did he donate money for the needy children of our city, but he himself worked Christmas Day, allowing his officers to spend the holiday with their families. I do not know of any other upper management personnel that would have done that. Our city is proud to have a chief that cares about our city. Thank you, Chief Bedal."

Property upkeep

“Recently I read in the rants and raves that the city leaders are going to charge $20 for picking up yard debris. My question is for the city leaders who decided on this fee?

"How can you even consider charging more to people who try and keep their property up and allow other property owners to neglect their duties of cleaning their empty lots and abandoned houses? I am asking the city leaders to please take care of the existing problems of unkempt properties before you start charging more to the responsible citizens."


“To the ranter, SPLOST is not a permanent tax, it is voted on by the public and so far the public has voted to continue the tax, because it brings in money for projects that otherwise would never get done."


“Thank you City of Moultrie for raising our garbage fees! Now take that extra money and use it to fix the container lids and garbage cans that some of our competent collectors destroy when getting our garbage instead of charging the public for things that the collectors destroy in doing their jobs."

Why upset?

“Why are people getting upset about charging to pick up your trash? Would you go around and pick up people's trash for free, or would you go to your job for free? No, of course not, it costs money to run and maintain trucks and staff to pick up your trash you know."

Bully complex

“How is it that we can justify torture as a tool against terrorism? Being a bully is no way to win the moral high ground."


“Some of the same people who would uplift us as a Christian nation defend torture of enemies. Sometimes I wonder if they know how ridiculous they sound with their shallow thought process."

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