Faraway shooting calls for disarming here. Why?

“After the lastest mass shooting that’s generating media attention, what good is it to call for disarming people thousands of miles away who use their guns legally protecting their homes and families? The predictable calls to disarm everyone for the actions of one crazy never cease to amaze me...rather like confiscating all autos because of a wreck in another state.”

If impeached, Trump could still win re-election

“If Democrats manage to get Trump impeached by the House because of a strict party line hate vote AND the Senate impeaches Trump by some Democrat miracle, what would stop Trump from running for re-election in 2020 and what would happen if he won re-election, which appears almost certain at this point? This is getting real interesting real quick.”

Trump accused of doing what FBI/DOJ did

“Democrats are saying Trump colluded with Ukraine to obtain dirt on a political opponent. Guess what the FBI/DOJ did to Trump? That exact same thing. It wasn’t illegal when FBI/DOJ did it to Trump but somehow it’s illegal, now, when Trump does that exact same thing? Seriously?”

Where facts go to die

“The Rant and Rave section is truly the land where facts go to die and the uninformed opinion is king.”

What have Democrats done lately?

“So, what have Democrats done for America or Americans during the past 2 or so years? Nothing, nothing at all. But they, and their bloated office staffs, continue to draw massive paychecks. Those Democrats should be thankful their paychecks are not performance based.”

Biased coverage of impeachment

“Watching the impeachment hearings, it’s become apparent that politically slanted media is corrupt media. There are 2 sides to every situation, both sides must be given equal treatment. When media refuses to air both sides, they are obviously corrupt. Denying one side airtime, hiding witnesses and silencing the opposition equals media bias. Bias is owned by Democrats.”

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