“Years of over spending from the White House to the Court House are coming home to roost. Now, there was your grandfather or grandmother who told you this could not go on, we couldn't spend more than we took in.

"Then there are those ‘real smart’ people on TV who tell you how long this is going to last, and when we are going to ‘recover’.  If they are so smart, why didn't they see this coming, like your grandfather or grandmother?"

This picture?

“After reading the local Mailbox Post,  It is quite obvious that the local law enforcement (city) is more interested in stopping someone for not wearing a seatbelt than trying to catch the murderers and thieves in our fair city..What exactly is wrong with this picture?"


“To the grown ‘adult’ male driving the $50,000 or more Black Mercedes SUV.  Aren't we suppose to be setting an example? Isn't it against the law to be texting while driving? Oh I forgot, the rich people in this town do not have laws. You are the reason why we have accidents and killing innocent people while texting and driving.

"What if you would have hit or killed someone?  Shame on you. And I bet if you would have hit me while you were making your turn and texting on to Talmadge Drive, you probably would sue me for being in the wrong place.  That’s why we have so many accidents, hurting or killing while texting and driving. That’s why we have to pay such high insurance rates."


“I want to applaud the Moultrie Observer for the diversity of opinions on this page. I see liberal, conservative, male and female, young and old. Some commentaries deal with political issues while others deal life situations. Having lived in small towns around the country, I can tell you that this doesn’t happen a lot. Many of the editorial page have a dominant liberal or conservative slant. Keep up the goood work."

I'm a carrier

“Yep, I now carry a gun almost everywhere I go. I pray I never have to use it. It’s sad, but I sense fear in our community — fear that they are going to be the target of thugs or that they might stumble into some crime taking place and be injured."


“Thank you Moultrie Observer for giving us columns on this page that are outside the Washington Beltway punditry. And thank you Mr. Walden for ‘wondering about stuff.” I’ve wondered some of the same things, but I just can’t put it down in words."

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