Farm subsidies

"Glad someone brought up farm subsidies. That's surely a program that is in need of reforming. Having two-thirds of all payments going to 10 percent of the wealthiest farmers (most of whom are multi-millionaires) just isn't right."


"I believe that as years past by we will discover that President Bush was the worst president we've ever had in history. The truth has been covered up. It's all about money--who has it and who doesn't. I hope those who voted for him don't start complaining now as you can remember, you were warned."

Empire version

"The modern American empire version is that first you've got to make lots of widows and orphans (in Iraq), then you can act all Christian and say you're helping them."

Flag issue

"Dear Ms. Glenn, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate a story on the flag issue that isn't tainted by bias and half-truths pumped out of Atlanta. Thank you for being a true journalist!"

Health issue

"If one half of the effort was put into stopping drugs as there is into stopping smoking, it would do more for the health and safety of a lot more people, especially our children. But I suppose it would put too many people out of work and squeeze too many wallets. Silly me."

Good folks

"I keep reading where someone has done something nice for someone or found something lost and returned it. And the raver says there are still some good people out there.

"Well, I'm here to tell you there are a lot of good people out there. These kinds of events happen all the time. True, there are many crooks and hoodlums who defy this kind of action, but that doesn't mean good people are in short supply.

"If we went through our neighborhoods, churches and clubs we could make very long lists of people who do good things for others. Of course your 'thank you's' are appropriate, just as long as we don't make it look like otherwise humankind is going to hell in a handbasket."


"The Observer should be called The Moultrie Democrat and the editor must be Michael Moore."

Will bite us

"I see where our state lawmakers keep trying to keep 'sunshine' out of the public business.

"That thing about development authorities not having to reveal an industry until the deal is done will come home to bite us if it passes."

I agree

"I agree that science teachers should only teach 'facts.' I hope that law passes. I did not come from a monkey. Maybe you did. Who knows whether carbon dating is accurate?"

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