“ I am glad that others see how unfair it was to honor the Packer football team on senior night for the Packer basketball team. I thought that it could have waited for the football banquet. Football is not the only sport in Colquitt County. Respect and support all of our students on and off the filed of play."

A bit unfair

“Why is the City of Moultrie utility department so hard to get along with. Why does the supervisor give flip answers. The cut-off dates are unfair. I have been under the doctors care, the money was placed in the night drop. It was a time that was checked before lights were cutoff. Times are hard and let’s work together."

In response

“Mr. Olsteen, if you want to eat only vegetables, that’s your choice. I like vegetables and meat. That’s not going to change. In fact it’s not going to change for most people. I’m not sure you really believe it will change either.

"Man has been eating meat since the beginning. If you want a campaign that means something, why don’t you join Tom Rogers in his bid to have retirement and insurance provided by taxpayers to local elected officials rescinded? Or maybe launch an anti-litter campaign. But you will make no impact whatsoever on hamburgers."

Ethics issue

“So, school employees can't use tobacco? When are you going to start writing people up and firing them? Never! A Tift County teacher gets suspended for voicing her opinion on Facebook, but our coaches can cuss out students and use tobacco and nothing happens. Code of ethics?"

The barbarians

“I think if I were a Muslim and I wanted to be separated from those barbarians who are beheading people in the name of religion, I would be announcing loud and clear that I’m not one of them and that I denounce them."

Love the South

“Just talked to a friend up north where they’ve had nearly a hundred inches of snow this year. So I won’t complain about a few cold days down here. Love the South!"

Me, too

“Thanks for your column about dog shows Mr. Walden. I watch them because I’m a dog lover, but I , too, like it when a hound or a bird dog wins. I have a mutt, a Heinz 57, and he’s my buddy. He’s a good listener and never argues with me. He has tremendous personality and like you said, quick to forgive. Hurrah for the beagle hound!"

Spring sports

“Spring sports are upon us. Maybe we can get off football for a while."


“So we have two schools that are failing. Well that's too bad as long as the football team and their self centered coach gets what they need. Right? Kinda looks like somebody's priorities are screwed up."

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