Obama couldn’t get away with it

“In response to the ranter who said everything the Democrats are doing to defeat Trump will turn against them: It is no difference in what the Republicans did to Obama the whole 8 years in office. 

“No man is above the law and with all the things Trump has done Obama would have never stood a chance and would have been out.”

Impeachment managers’ meltdown

“Listening to Trump’s Impeachment Managers having their meltdown on CNN, I got the impression Democrat’s impeachment failure was Trump’s fault because he didn’t give them evidence to prove their case. 

“Novel suggestion to Democrats: you might entertain the possibility that he was innocent to begin with ... Remember that pesky old ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ line from somewhere? Trump is innocent.”

Untruths and half truths

“The problem with Trump’s ‘Dog and Pony Show’ a.k.a. State of the Union Address is it was riddled with untruths and half truths.”

Charging the Secret Service

“If Trump is so wealthy, why is he milking taxpayers? 

“Trump is charging taxpayers up to $650 per night for his protection by each member of the Secret Service. 

“Seems to me, if Trump is so wealthy and generous, he wouldn’t be charging taxpayers when taxpayers are already paying for his protection.”

Normalize what conduct?

“Impeachment Manager Nadler said: ‘We can’t normalize this conduct.’ But he won’t say what ‘conduct’ he is referring to. 

“Maybe he’s referring to Trump’s conduct of not bowing to puny tyrants, or maybe Trump’s removing the swamp’s merry band of leakers and liars, or maybe Trump’s removing dirty cops at the highest levels. That ‘conduct’?”

Call for witnesses was a stall

“Democrats called all the impeachment witnesses they wanted, including many in secret, and voluntarily stopped calling witnesses. They didn’t want any more witnesses; Democrats, apparently, got tired of hearing opinions without facts. 

“Then, Democrats went to Senators demanding more witnesses be called to stall the proceedings for months until the November election. 

“Trump beat them at that game, too.”

Decisions based on faith

“At the recent Prayer Breakfast, Trump told us he doesn’t like people who make decisions based on their faith. He also told us he doesn’t believe that people pray. 

“What a statement about the place our country finds itself.”

Where are evangelicals’ morals?

“Evangelicals: Franklin Graham felt a need to speak against a Super Bowl commercial. Evangelical leader Franklin Graham said the display was a mockery of ‘moral decency.’ 

“He refuses to condemn Trump for name calling, bullying people,and mocking people at the prayer breakfast this week. 

“Graham, where are your moral values when it comes to Trump? Shame on you.”

Created a tyrant

“People create tyrants out of fear. Trump rules by fear, division, and hatred. 

“Senators acquitted Trump. Trump refuses to shake Pelosi’s hand, now representatives want to charge Pelosi for tearing up false speech. 

“Trump fires impeachment witnesses seeking revenge and senators do nothing. Now employers will feel empowered to fire whoever speaks up against wrongdoing.”

Lies both local and national

“It’s refreshing that so much of our lives in Moultrie have prepared us for the taste of absurdity. Lies from the top go down much smoother when we’ve fed off sheep manure since birth.”


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