It's the South

“I can’t imagine anyone not wanting a friend or an acquaintance to stop by the dinner table and speak. Now I get it if that person pulls up chair or just won’t leave. Seldom, though, have I encountered that. Oh well, to each his own. But hey fellow, this is the South."

My peeve

“My problem is not about people stopping at my table at dinner to speak. It’s about those who stop by the table next to me and I have to hear about their gall bladder surgery and their grandson’s drug addiction."

Mostly rumors

“There’s been a train load of rumors circulated about what kind of businesses might or might not come here. I did a little checking and it seems few of them had any merit whatsoever. Most of it got started with ‘they say.’ When they get a building permit, then you will know. Where the heck did that Kellogg thing come from?"

Were you there?

“How many people have gone before city council or county commission and publicly challenged them on retirements and medical benefits? There you go!"

Coach pay

“It would be most interesting to find out what percent of the total school salaries budget is paid to all the many football coaches in relation to the total full time teaching salaries. It might just be an eye opener for many."

Football coaches

“With football season over, why are there so many coaches at the Packer field house at the high school instead of in their classrooms teaching students? Most coaches are at the field house all during the school day."

Bush can do it

“I think you will see Jeb Bush in the forefront of the Republican Party and in my opinion he will stack up well against Hillary Clinton. Just glad Romney dropped out."

In response

“Mr. Walden you ruined reality television for me by telling me to think about where the camera crew is standing. And now I was about to gear up for a balloon ride but not after reading your Sunday column. Please don’t discover that fried chicken will give me nightmares. Just kiddin’."


“A big ‘congratulations’ to all the people who helped create our new Main Street Park.  Thank  you for pressing on in spite of the criticism.  The park is already proving to be a wonderful addition to Moultrie."

Always there

“The few who moaned about the new park are the same ones who moan about anything nice that our community tries to do."

Great addition

“Good editorial. We must resolve to keep our new park safe and clean. It’s a great addition to South Main Street and he community as a whole."

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