Riots’ double standards

“The recent DC protests by conservatives are being called an unprecedented coup by Democrat controlled media. Police saw fit to kill an unarmed female veteran. But BLM’s 5/31/2020 White House siege, called a “mostly peaceful protest” by media, injured 60 Secret Service agents who were protecting the President. Democrats always invoke their usual double standard, hiding all important truthful facts.”

Violence isn’t everyone’s problem

“AP tried hard in their recent article “As COVID-19 ravages US, shootings, killings are also up” to make the unending violence by Democrats everyone’s problem. But these gangsters shooting other gangsters, with nearby innocents becoming collateral damage, have no concerns about anyone but themselves. Conveniently, AP forgot that. 

“AP’s reporting bias is what they’re well known for.”

Deaths are Trump’s fault

“To all of the geniuses who enabled, defended, overlooked, ignored and worshipped Donald Trump I hope you’re happy.

“Just when we thought he’s reached the bottom he surprised us all end sank even lower and he’s got 5 bodies on him to prove it.”

Hold Trump accountable

“Please, please join the effort to hold Trump accountable for Wed’s mob/deaths. He must not just be able to fade away.”

Biden economy not a crisis

“I keep hearing people talking gloom and doom about the economy under the Biden presidency. The inconvenient truth is that for the last 50 years the economy has done far better under Democrat as compared to Republican administrations. 

“Time will tell but I don’t think the sky is falling.”

Slow internet near Berlin

“It would appear the area below Berlin on Hwy. 133 South is in the Dark Ages as for as high speed internet. 

“My household can only get 4 mpbs, so I am told, cause the company didn’t spend money to update lines. Then we have to pay an outrageous $90 a month for turtle speed internet.”

No sympathy

“Can somebody answer me a question? When people don’t wear their masks and they say I want to quit worrying about it it’s no big deal, but the table turns when their loved one is in the ER suffering from COVID. It’s a different story now, isn’t it? I don’t feel sorry for you.”

Please close schools again

“I make an urgent plea to our school Superintendent Howell and our local School Board to close our schools for the health and safety of the students, teachers, and staff. The continued rise in COVID numbers in our surrounding counties and states are alarming. We now have a virus version more easily contracted by children and adults. Please THINK!!!!”

Not my fault

“I taught myself investing, now it’s my fault others are poor. I put myself through job-focused schools, now it’s my fault others aren’t working. I struggled to increase my pay including working two jobs, now it’s my fault others make less than me. I drive cheapy cars. When ‘poor’ folks get their nicer cars stolen it’s my fault. Puh-lease.”


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