Wrong side of history

“Make no mistake about it Donald Trump and his enablers will go down on the wrong side of history. I’m proud I will be able to tell my grandchildren that I never voted for him.”

National debt

“Donald Trump promised to lower the national debt if elected. Through a massive tax cut (that mostly benefited the rich) and his mismanagement of the Corona epidemic the deficit exploded by 7.9 TRILLION dollars, an increase of $23,500 for every person in our country. Only 2 Presidents had a larger increase. What a legacy for our children and grandchildren.What happened to MAGA?”

Shooting incident

“The restaurant owner on S. Main should be ashamed. Allowing a party like what happened to go on. This is a good neighborhood and things like this should not happen. My thoughts and prayers for all the injured and the person who died.”

COVID violation 

“How is Colquitt Co. allowing the huge gatherings at the Warrior Creek Mud Bog located in Norman Park with COVID running wild in our community? I am baffled as to how this can be allowed with COVID affecting everything and everyone in our community especially our schools and elderly. Not safe at all!”

Wearing masks

“Some people see a person wearing a mask and see a loser. I see someone wearing a mask and see an American Patriot trying to win this battle with Corona Virus!”


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