Nuisance dogs in Hartsfield

“There are two big white dogs roaming Hartsfield and knocking trash cans over every week. Trash is scattered up and down 37 and all around Hartsfield. They are a nuisance to us who have to clean up trash behind them. Please keep them in your yard.”

Dress code at C.A. Gray

“How can a grown woman focus so much on a male child wearing a nice necklace his mom gave him? Your behavior is questionable. Something is very, very wrong with that concept. When some female educators are wearing little to no clothes these days wearing nice jewelry by an attractive black male is not a crime.”

Hollywood can dish it out, but can’t take it

“Hollywood’s used their pulpit for decades to lecture everybody about how terrible they are, gets lectured to once by a comedian and has a meltdown. Everything Ricky Gervais said was true. And leftists worship a well rehearsed 16-year-old lecturing the UN General Assembly about fake global warming. The left can dish it out, but they cannot take it.”

Iraq comment was ridiculous

“Iraq committing ‘social suicide’? What does thst even mean? And accusing the Democrats of warmongering makes no sense. Who bumped off the Iranian and threatened them with a phoney 52 target attack?

“Trump is the one rattling his toy saber.

“That post was completely ridiculous.”

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