Doctors offices closed on Fridays

“Why is it Moultrie doctors offices are closed and shut down at 12 on Fridays? 

“People need to see doctors. This is why the ER stays so full for little frivolous things like toothaches and little ear aches.”

Jobs aren’t the expo’s job

“Someone asked a while back why has EXPO not brought any new business to Colquitt County? First off, it’s not the job of the EXPO to get folks to locate their business here. 

“It’s the Chamber of Commerce who should do this. So, ask why is the Chamber not doing its job?”

Atlanta PD has ‘no chase’ policy

“Saw where Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields issued a ‘no-chase’ policy, effective immediately. Her reasoning was that since crimes involving less than $1,000 won’t be prosecuted anyway, there’s no need to chase anyone. Certainly makes her life easier. 

“Next problem: making those crime statistics appear like crime is decreasing in Atlanta. Criminals now run the law enforcement show in Atlanta.”

Iraq is committing social suicide

“Saw where Iraqi lawmakers voted to expel all foreign military forces. Good, now Trump can remove US forces as promised, regardless of America’s warmongering Democrats like Pelosi. We can watch Iraq commit social suicide from here, what a nice change. 

“By the way, Iraq, America isn’t taking refugees, we’re full up, and out of welfare money.”

2nd Amendment stopped a shooting

“Another mass shooting in a church avoided thanks to those 27 Second Amendment words. If leftists get their way, these shootings will only be stopped when the shooter runs out of ammo. How many innocent lives those 27 words continue to save daily! The best 911 Service in active shooter situations is your own weapon — ALWAYS!”

Law enforcement successful here

“If you think crime reduction is a Police Chief’s primary job, compare Atlanta’s crime and the policies of their Police Chief with those of Moultrie and Moultrie’s Police’s easy to see WHY law enforcement efforts are successful locally, and also why removing law enforcement increases crime. Atlanta prefers the latter. 

“Thank You to Moultrie Police Chief Sean Ladson!”

Propst did wrong in Colquitt Co.

“Rush Propst is the biggest story teller in the world. Did he do wrong in Colquitt Co.? YES. For all you people who are on his band wagon, wake up. If he would have been offered the USA job while still Coach here, he would have left in a heart beat.”

Ignorance rules

“The rant and rave section in the Moultrie Observer proves to the world that ignorance rules in this town. I agree with the commenter that people should turn off Fox ‘news,’ stop watching the highlights of the Trump rallies, and learn how to think critically.”

Ranter said something smart

“Just when I began to doubt that there is anyone in Moultrie who is not a Trump-loving, Fox-watching, ignorant pseudo-conservative with a complete lack of critical-thinking skills, someone posted the ‘Democrats serve in the military too’ comment. 

“Thank you for proving that intelligence still exists in Moultrie.”

Football won’t be the same

“Rush Propst is one piece of work. Congratulations on the new job. You now give a bad name to all Private Schools. 

“Because of you, High School football will never be the same. If your local area school has a star player, watch out, Rush is out to steal them away. Sad day for HS football.”

Let Trump supporters fight war

“An impeached president just ordered an act of war against Iran. It’s time to put your money where your mouths are. Donald Trump’s supporters can fight this war instead of our 19-year-old kids.”


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