A new Constitution

“I see a lot of people say unconstitutional about laws 200 years old. You have men and satellites in space. And no one has anywhere to be without being seen. The Constitution should be done over. It is worthless to humans.”

Evictions needed

“’People will be evicted…’ You just want more government dependence, more welfare, stopping evictions and foreclosures. I'm a landlord with bills to pay. I'm not rich, not a corporation, and can't provide free housing. I do have sympathy and I've worked with tenants during difficult times but I'm not a charity. Staying rent-free is stealing monthly from landlords.”

Sex offenders

“The Supreme Court ruled a few years ago that registered sex offenders have the right to use social media. However, are they supposed to be friends/followers with minors? Wouldn’t that go against their conditions of having no contact with minors? Also, shouldn’t they have their friends/followers public for all to see? Colquitt County Sheriff’s Dept. may want to check.”

Protect teachers

“In May people couldn’t say enough about all the things that teachers were doing to help their kids. Now those same people are more than willing to sacrifice those same teachers’ health and lives so that they don’t have to work from home with kids. In Trump’s words? Sad. Teachers are not and should not have to be martyrs.”

Freebies need to end

“I want to say to the Democrats complaining about President Trump, please get a job and quit bickering. The freebees need to end. Thanks.”

Shutdown was overreaction

“The virus didn't close businesses, mayors and governors did. The shutdown was beyond anything practical or logical. The virus is still here, protestors and rioters are transmitting it, shoulder to shoulder, and police aren't allowed to stop their anarchy. People must assess the risk and make their own decisions. Who needs nanny government telling them how to live?”

Speak up

“If you support law and order, or support Trump or believe in the Bible, you've been silent too long. Only a couple of people are speaking for you ... it's time you spoke up yourself. Currently, leftists are speaking up for you in this newspaper and you remain silent. Silence like a cancer grows ... Silence is acceptance ... Welcome to communism, America.”

Democrats fighting

“’Vote Democrat in November. They are fighting for you.’ Democrats are fighting to remove police and your second and first amendment rights, they're fighting to destroy cities like Portland and Seattle, they're fighting to remove police like in LA and Chicago. Sure, Democrats are fighting for you to become socialists and peasants. Look around, do you want that here?”

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