Editor's note: A rant that originally appeared in this compilation has been removed. It contained information regarding the Colquitt County School System that was later found to be false.

AP is biased

“I missed the part in newspapers where we started pretending the AP was unbiased in their reporting. Misleading word choices, story choices or straight up editorializing within articles, disguised as ‘objective journalism,’ is a routine part of AP ‘journalism.’ Who wants to subscribe to that?”

Articles must be relevant

“Newspapers versus digital — I'm not interested in paying for newspaper articles about Eugene, Oregon, or Bangor, Maine... Those articles have little relevance here. Local goings on, local ads, local politics, local crime, local churches do have relevance here. I think paid subscribers should have more content access than non-subscribers — starting with Rant and Rave and Opinion Page articles.”

Rant and Rave

“Every time I read RR comments coming from Trump supporters I clearly see that our education system is shot.”


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